Some quotes by other people, I don’t know who or when.

“I was not delivered into this world in defeat nor does failure flow through my veins. I am not a sheep waiting to be prodded by my shepherd. I am a lion and I refuse to talk, walk, to merge with the sheep. I will not hear those who weep and complain for their thoughts are contagious. Let them join the sheep. The slaughterhouse of failure…Is not my destiny.”

“If we understood the power of our thoughts, we would guard them more closely. If we understood the power of our words, we would prefer silence to anything negative. In our thoughts and words we create our own weaknesses and strengths. Our limitations begin in our hearts where we can always replace negative with positive.”

”It’s always down to you and the choices you make. Work on the things you can change and never dwell on the things you can’t. You choose… ‘results’ or ‘excuses’ it’s always down to YOU… no one has ever given their BEST and regretted it. GO HARD NO EXCUSES.”

“Set small goals for yourself and meet them. You are responsible for yourself!!”

“Pain is just weakness leaving your body.”

“You will never know your limits until you push yourself to them.”

“Tears will get you sympathy, sweat will get you results.”

“There’s no substitute for consistency.”

”Turn those dreams into ACTION …action turns into results… sooner or later you will be living the dream.”